Ever since 1923, we at Libeert have been making premium Belgian chocolate with the utmost dedication. Having merged our family tradition and our expertise with the latest production techniques, we create a gourmet product made from 100% cocoa butter.
Every time the connoisseur samples a piece of our chocolate or one of our filled chocolates he/she is assured a moment of pure pleasure. This assurance extends to Libeert Christmas or St. Nicholas themed chocolate figures or eggs and bunnies for Easter. Our cheerful, ‘fun’ figures are a feast for children of all ages on endless occasions.
And that’s what we want to do: create delicious chocolate for both young and old, which, thanks to our expertise, amazes at every new bite and creates unforgettable moments. From the sourcing of our cocoa beans to the strict technical standards of our finished products.
Consumers can tell how delicious our chocolate is: 100% pure cocoa butter, 100% sustainable cocoa and even the color decoration on our hollow figures is completely natural and contains no preservatives. Libeert efforts to promote sustainability guarantee the authentic taste of our Belgian chocolate tradition.
In ninety years, Libeert has grown from a local to an international supplier of Belgian chocolate. Our company is located in Comines, close to West-Flanders, near to the historical town Ypres. It is the ideal base for selling our products to chocolate lovers in every continent and many countries, from the United States to Australia, from Sweden to South Africa.
Do we still have time to enjoy chocolate ourselves? Of course, we are crazy about it.

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