Lonki is a Belgian family owned company, slaughtering, cutting and packing rabbits. Nowadays, Lonki is the market leader in the Benelux and in Northern Europe. It is also one of the trendsetters on the European rabbit market. The company ensures the highest level of animal welfare by offering certified free range rabbits, breeded in enriched parks. Lonki is fully equipped for a perfect collaboration with retail, wholesale and industry. The wide product range of fresh chilled and frozen items, such as whole rabbit, rabbit parts and delicatessen is available in both retail and bulk package. Besides this activity Lonki is now also an importer and exporter of a wide range of meat specialities from allover the world.

Products and brands

Cuts of chicken

Lamb or sheep/Goat meat

Meat products

Meat replacer (tempeh, tofu, seitan, lupeh, ...)

Meats and cuts

Vegetarian, Chilled, Frozen


B2B, Own brand, Private label

Available in the following countries

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom