Terre de Fromages is a family run company situated in the heart of the Pays de Herve, the little Belgian Normandy. It processes
around 18 million litres of milk per year. Terre de Fromages specializes in Fromage de Herve, the only Belgian cheese bearing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Herve Société is the leading Belgian producer of soft cheese (mouldy, mixed, blue rinds etc.) and produces semi-hard Abbaye cheeses. Its goal is to combine traditional expertise with modern technology.

Products and brands

Cheese and curd

Organic, Chilled
Abbaye du Val-Dieu, HERVE SOCIETE, L'Exquis, Meule du Plateau

Dairy and plant-based alternatives to dairy

Soft white cheese



B2B, B2C, Foodservices, Retail, Own brand, Private label

Available in the following countries

Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands