Lutosa: a Belgian global icon in the potato industry


Operating at the heart of Europe, Belgium is the dominant player par excellence in the potato industry. Lutosa’s success story got under way in 1978 in the province of Hainaut. Since then, what started out as a small fries factory has gone on to become a global player which exports potato products to no fewer than 146 countries, processing over 600,000 tons of fries and potato specialties each year. 

Quality as a yardstick

The enthusiasm of managing director Alain Dufait for the potato industry, a new face at Lutosa since February of this year, is nothing less than infectious: "The Belgian potato is an icon. What we make here are the best fries anywhere in the world. And there are good reasons for that. It is all down a convergence of natural elements and the dedication of our people."

Belgium is the world’s biggest exporter of fries. With some 3.8 million tons of fries leaving the country each year, Belgium has certainly made its mark on the international culinary scene. The secret ingredient? The quality of the Belgian farmland. 

The Belgian potato industry is all about quality. Lutosa works tirelessly to deliver high-quality products and keeps innovating to meet the ever changing needs and wishes of consumers. For instance, the company has a range of coated, seasoned products that produce “a lovely, crispy taste experience”.

Potatoes of worldwide renown 

The potatoes Lutosa uses to make its fries are largely Belgian, whilst the business exports 95% of its production output. “This not only shows the global reach of the Belgian potato industry, it also underscores our unrivalled craftsmanship”, Alain Dufait goes on to explain.

Of particular note is the fact that industrial fries are often healthier than their home-made counterparts by reason of the fact that – thanks to the technologies and processes used at the plant – they contain less fat. Moreover Lutosa guarantees consistent quality and taste, which only serves to continually raise the popularity of Belgian fries.

Alongside its activities in frozen fries, specialties and potato flakes, Lutosa is sooner aiming at the domestic market and our neighbouring countries with its fresh pre-fried fries. These products too are fast gaining popularity, which only shows just how versatile the Belgian potato industry is.

Belgian heritage to be proud of

Lutosa’s story is an inspiring tale of passion, innovation and sustainability. "Our love of fries not only adds taste to our lives, it also brings prosperity to and instils a sense of pride in Belgium," Alain Dufait concludes. Bringing ‘Potatoes to the world’, Lutosa is certainly continuing to prove a blistering hit…


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