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On this page, discover what Belgian food and beverage companies are up to – including the latest innovations, investments and events. After all, companies in Belgium don’t sit still for long! For bite-sized news items, satisfy your craving with some food.be snacks. Are you more interested in exports and investments? Check out our Best of Belgium long-read stories. Not in the mood for reading? There’s a food.be video to suit your tastes. Hear the voices of our own companies speak in their own words. Enjoy!


Puratos announces to become world’s first carbon-neutral chocolate factory

Belcolade, the chocolate division of Puratos, is investing 120 million euros in its production plant in Erembodegem. With this investment, Puratos is expanding their largest chocolate factory. 


Barry Callebaut opens the largest chocolate warehouse in the world

The new chocolate warehouse in Lokeren is the size of 12 football fields, 41 metres high and also the largest and most sustainable in the world. Every day, 20 to 30 chocolate containers are loaded from Lokeren, ready to be transported all over the world.


How Fuji Oil is working towards sustainable production for plant-based foods

With its "Tebma-Kandu" programme, Fuji Oil is improving the working conditions of communities in Ghana and with a partnership it is also committed to sustainable palm oil production.


“Yes, we are able to export our products on a sustainable basis, including to the Gulf Region”

At the World Exhibition in Dubai, two Belgian companies showed the way forward in demonstrating how they are able to produce food using fewer raw materials, through innovation and by working shoulder to shoulder with other partners. 


Reduce, recycle and reuse with Food n'Joy

Food n'Joy is a Walloon SME that produces tartelettes, nougatine and festive desserts for the food industry. Under the slogan 'Reduce, recycle and reuse', the company is committed to sustainable packaging management to reduce its impact on the environment. 


Milcobel's Brugge cheese is CO2 neutral

At the start of 2022, dairy cooperative Milcobel will be bringing its range of Brugge cheeses onto the market, completely CO2-neutral. This makes Milcobel a trendsetter in the cheese market.


Brasserie Val-Dieu makes crackers out of beer draff

Val-Dieu was the first Belgian brewer to launch crackers based on the brewer’s beer draff, a residual product from the brewing of beer.


This was Anuga 2021

Anuga 2021 is a wrap! No less than 160 Belgian food companies were present. After a long wait, the fair could finally take place physically, and the 160 Belgian participating food companies were very excited about that! 


Brouwerij Huyghe scores in China with papaya beer

You undoubtedly know Brouwerij Huyghe for its iconic pink elephant and its Delirium Tremens beer. But in China, the brewery is best known for its new papaya beer, which is already a hit. Chinese people like fruity and sweet beer. This explains the great success behind it.