De Vlaeminck Ivan en Zoon



The De Vlaeminck Ivan en Zoon wholesale meats company is a family-run business founded in Kaprijke in 1972 by Mr Ivan De Vlaeminck. Over the course of the years, he built the company up into a worthy cutting plant with an eye for customer service, good working conditions, and quality. In the fullness of time he taught his professional skills to his son Stefaan, who started working for the company in 1993. Stefaan De Vlaeminck has worked on expanding the business since July 2011. The company started exporting in 2003, and is now on a range of closed lists including Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Singapore and Taiwan.

Products and brands

Meat products


Organic, Ambiant, Chilled, Frozen



Available in the following countries

Australia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Japan, Korea (South), Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan (Republic of China), Vietnam