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On this page, discover what Belgian food and beverage companies are up to – including the latest innovations, investments and events. After all, companies in Belgium don’t sit still for long! For bite-sized news items, satisfy your craving with some food.be snacks. Are you more interested in exports and investments? Check out our Best of Belgium long-read stories. Not in the mood for reading? There’s a food.be video to suit your tastes. Hear the voices of our own companies speak in their own words. Enjoy!


Conserverie et Moutarderie belge gives glass jars a second lease of life

Putting more reusable packaging items on the market? Conserverie et Moutarderie belge is on it!  The company has signed up to the collective deposit return scheme run by Foodprint, thereby giving their glass jars a second lease of life. 


From the United States to Japan: have you heard about the latest food trends?

Last year, our Belgian food companies exported no less than 30 billion euros in food and drink. Good reason to take a look at the world at large and to play to our strengths through our promotional brand “food.be”.


BENEO Wijgmaal inaugurates extra production line for rice starch

Producing more rice starch at unchanged water consumption levels? BENEO pulled it off. The Wijgmaal site is getting an additional production line, which will drive up production capacity by 50% with the company creating a further 20 jobs.

Best of Belgium

Ingredient mozzarella? Made in Belgium!

Consistent top quality combined with excellent customer care are two factors that account for the success of Milcobel Premium Ingredients worldwide.

Best of Belgium

Poppies Bakeries: traditional craftsmanship on a larger scale

With mouth-watering biscuits, frozen desserts, macarons and much more, Poppies Bakeries is perfecting the art of large-scale baking. 

Best of Belgium

Masters in chocolate: Galler maintains the tradition of filled chocolate

For over 40 years, the Galler chocolate factory has been delighting our taste buds with a variety of flavors, while working towards a fairer and more sustainable world.

Best of Belgium

WaWaah Water: a tasty, fun and healthy drink for kids

WaWaah Water is a healthy children’s alternative to soft drinks. No sugar but added vitamins, with great taste and styling made by and for kids.

Best of Belgium

Making people happy, one truffle at a time

At its Brussels production site, Manufacture Belge de Chocolats creates heavenly chocolates for branded product manufacturers and private labels.


Caulier Brewery trebles its production capacity

For the past 25 years, Caulier Brewery has been brewing quality beers. The family brewery is currently expanding, with the intention of trebling its production capacity by 2025.